Yacht Summer Mainteinance

Yacht Plumbing Intervention in the summer time

Nothing is more difficult to find of a plumber in the summer time.

Starting from this concept ATS LLc has take a rib out from its  productive staff  to make up a dedicated team to the yacht services interventions  even in the summer time.

The strong point of this Ats Yacht Service L.L.C division is to guarantee exactly quick and efficient plumbing interventions  even in the cruise period, including in a full way the importance of the customer satisfacion in a period very important for the sailing, where the last desired thing is  having a break down with its own boat.

Right for this reason Ats Yacht Service division put the customer’s need first, and to have the possibility to operate in a quick and dinamic way it is provided of a wide boat yard aimed at the  warranty of  assistance to our customers and assuring the supplies ship and the delivery  directly in the same place.

Our moving workshops are outfitted to provide a quick intervention in the Italian and Mediterranean ports, having different commercial partners dispiaced in the main territory coasts which play a logistic support for the provision of materials and supplies.

The Yacht Service division can rely on specialized and trained consultants. Our teams are highly chosen and employed depending on the different types of intervention to face, this happens to optimize the execution of the work both from the planning side and the realization. This is because the ATS Yacht Service division avails of a teams dedicated to the plumbing interventions both in the lodging and in the piping, inside the machinery workshop.

Moreover, in the main storage with instant availability of the items commonly used for interventions of repairing…

ATS is able to face with the classical interrupture of the supplies for the specialized retailer in the summer closings .

ATS L.L.C keeps itself competitive in the market thanks to the avail of the different conventions drawn up with the hotels support in the more popular ports in the summer time such as Sardina, French Riviera  and Balearic Islands.

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