Construction of Yacht Plumbing System

Viareggio ATS Yacht Service  is specialized in the construction of yacht plumbing system  for sailing use.

Starting out the idea that

an accurate research of the project is essential to obtain boat plumbing system and installation by the rule book…

…ATS Yacht Service proposes solutions of realization with professionalism to our customers which join  functionality, quality and use.

Rely on ATS Yacht Service starting from the boat plumbing system planning stage means the possibility of avail  of a start to finish phase which begins from a free inspection and pass through the plannig phases, construction of hoses, welding, ship and installation.

Taking advance of this inner phase ATS Yacht Service can guarantee:

  • Quality
  • uninterrupted supervising of the product
  • precise timeline of delivery

ATS can rely on a specialized mechanic workshop

….where the hoses will be realized and installed on board of the boat.

Thanks to the two machineries necessary to the bending process of the hoses, we are not only able to provide to our customers a finished phase of production, but also a high level of personalization of the product, turned toward the satisfaction of the customer needs.

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