Ship fire alarm system

Unfortunately for the yacht owner the statistic states that the fires are the third cause of major damage on board.

This mustn’t scare our customers, but it must help them, for sure, to reflect about how much important is having an efficient and functional fire alarm device on board.

ATS L.L.C. gives particular attention to the new techniques and materials, and as in the case of the fire alarm system on board, we provide a wide knowledge to propose, plan and install different type of systems.

In our constructions the most common installation systems are the ULTRAFOG fire alarm system,  and the CO2 fire alarm system with certified fittings in schedule ASA 3000.

Recently we have started to install the FM 200 brand new system,  which proposes like the cutting edge fire alarm system dedicated to the machinery room.

CO2 system uses, like in the most classical systems,carbon dioxide payable from the fire hoses location placed on board of the boat. The carbon dioxide has now an ascertained ability of a total or partial turning off and saturation of the environment. This choice is also made depending on the estimate of the evaluation of the fire risk of the location pointed.

The carbon dioxide lends itself to be very efficient, odourless, colorless and electrical conductor.

ULTRAFOG  system, is made up by stainless steel hoses from where many branches are torn out which end in turn with a spray nozzle, or more precisely a spinkler.

Inside the sprinkler there is a reading heat ampoule, and when it is overmuch, the ampoule gets broken and the extinction process starts. The sprinkler owns a water infringe, and this process along with the very high pressure of the water activity inside the system, it atomizes the water making the vaporized water wall got down in the ground.

Every sprinkler that we install on board of the customers yachts covers a 3 metres distance of the diameter.

The brand new FM200 extinction system guarantees quick outcomes with the minimum damage. The action of this system is possible through the phisic cooling off of the fire. Indeed FM200 is part of the same category of the components used in the refrigeration, so its value is this : remove the heat (thermal energy) from the flames until when the combustion reaction is not more able to continue.

Moreover the strenght of this new system is in the quickness of action of the same system, which once it is triggered it takes only ten seconds to discharge completely its potential.

Also after that the system gets discharged, the FM200 can be removed with a simple ventilation of the room permitting also a quick rise of the necessary activities.

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