Nautical Refitting

The  yacht refitting is the activity on which ATS better reflects its passion for its craft.

ATS L.L.C. does not consider the word Refit as the translation of a good occasion to realize an intervention, but it rather analyses the meaning that this word can have and must have for a customer.

A refitting intervention allows the customer to retrain  his own boat both from the esthetic part and from the practical and technological one

Substantilally a Refit intervention, as it can be defined, involves all the “daylight organs” that a yacht  owns.  Indeed, most of the times the boat (especially the engine room) is letterally esviscerated, and drained from the machineries and inner lines which have to be replaced. It’s easy to intend how much is important for a customer make it possible that money invested in this kind of intervention gives fruitful outcomes and doesn’t reveal itsefl a very onerous expense with slim functional contribution.

For this reason ATS L.L.C. approaches towards the Refitting inervention in a very cautious and professional way,  and never lacks of, proposing new solutions , in the respect of all the roles, and proposing solutions compatible with the customer’s requests at the pace of the new technologies.

The know-how necessary to have the possibility of provide in the Refitt interventions, the cutting edge solutions and the technologies, is brought about and transmitted from the hard work which involves ATS L.L.C. in the realization of the orders of new buiding, from where we absorb innovations and new realization concepts, that, once they are proposed and realized in restyling esthetic – funcional boats phase even for the older one, they have the precious value to a modern yacht does without it. In addition, a worth is given back to an exclusive object.

The importance which a refitting intervention has for a yacht both for private purposes and intended to the charter service is clear.

For this reason ATS L.L.C. is linked to a direct line with the customer even after the end of intervention.

This because today  is always more necessary for the crew to plan the Service & Refitt activities to carry on. They settle these activities between a sailing date and an other, this kind of activity allows our staff to organize them, assuring our availability 365 days per year.

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