Assistance and Service

Viareggio ATS guarantees the service and the assistance for boats and yachts.

The company acts and cooperates with the main shipyards of the Mediterranean sea and Italian ports.

This is because every day ATS L.L.C. is carrying  on a collaboration in the different places of the nautical interest aiming at refining and assuring its plumbing assistance and Yacht Service for its customers offer in thorough way on all the national territory.

The Yacht Plumbing Assistance and the Yacht Service Division has already become the flagship of our company that neverthless it is keeping on meeting new challenges of the new buildings, it strongly wanto to stick out in this sector for the quickness of intervention, quality of realization and competivity of the offer.

We are always more aware and confident that today the difference is made up by the timeline, and this is our strenght.

How is it possible to remain competitive and being able to provide a functional service killing the delivery schedule?

ATS L.L.C. has tried to answer thanks to the best organization of the work, this is way it avails of:

  • A boat yard very equipped, capable of transporting pipe bars 6 metres long.
  • A mobile workshop furnished of the quick and the most common interventions in the field of the ship system
  • Specialized mechanics which  operate in a full phase on the pipes (building, welding and painting)
  • Sales office division which allows us to find always the best solution to the best market conditions.

ATS L.L.C. cooperates directly with the more important Tirreno Sea and Ligure Sea ports: in some shipyards we take part in the building work of the new boats such us the shipyard of Viareggio San Lorenzo J.S.C.  and in the shipyard Valdettaro di  Massa, and we provide mainteinance and refitting services in others shipyards such as the shipyard of Lusben, the nautical Pole of Viareggio and the shipyard of Valdettaro di Le Grazie, Mirabello Port, Lotti Port in La Spezia, Amico di Genova shipyard and San Remo and Olbia shipyard

Moreover thanks to the yacht service work, ATS L.L.C. cooperates with shipyards beyond the national boundaries, indeed we have had intervention in Nice, Monaco Montecarlo and Barcellona.

We offer our availability to all shipyards which today express the willing of enlarge their commercial offer…

..not only limiting theirselves to provide to the customer the basic services, but that, they want to extend their commercial package to a list of work that could space out from the mechanic intervention rather than the carpentery or the plumbing one, everything aimed at the provision of a complete and well placed service.

Get yourself informed with no cost in our commercial staff about details and costs of our activity of assistance and service for yacht and boats.

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